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Every human being has a desire to look beautiful and feel good. Every beauty care and pharmaceutical brand has a goal to reach each of their potential customers everywhere. both are ready to pay a premium for the best result.


Treat every customer with the utmost respect, finest quality, best price and timely service. Maintain a long term and strong relationship with the consumers, brand partners and other business associates through the goodwill of trust.


Quality product, committed service, best coverage, premium customer relationship and best price. This is the business trilogy of our success. We make it a pint that we provide the required goods to our consumers the way they want.

TABARK CO. Ltd. (one of El Hassan Group companies) Has been established in 2008 as a general medical company, specialized in medical supplies dominating leading firm in medical supplies of the hospitals in Sudanese market. In 2018 TABARK established a new institute for dealing with the pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical market in Sudan. a scientific office of an expert medical representatives and sales reps, has been established that cover most of the pharmacies, beauty centers and supermarkets in Sudan.


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